Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#6 Green Surrounds and Greens Height of Cut

#6 Green Surrounds Update

We completed the moving of irrigation heads around #6 green to improve spacing today. Rocks were found anywhere we wanted to trench which caused the work to take longer than expected. Thursday and Friday we will be installing conduit for power to a fan that will be installed in the future on this green. Next week specialty irrigation will be installed in the rough directly behind the green. With good weather and no unexpected delays we plan on sodding the surrounds by the end of next week.

Greens Height of Cut

#6, #11 and #14 greens are being mowed at a slightly higher height of cut than the rest of the greens. We are slowly lowering the height of cut on these greens every other day to match the height of cut on the greens throughout the rest of the course.

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