Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Course Update 10.26.16

#15 Green Surrounds

We have removed several trees to the right of #15 green. There still remains one tree left to be cut. The goals of doing this is to increase morning sunlight to the green and the surrounds and remove root competition from the turfgrass growing in the area.

The next step is to prepare the area to be sodded to the right of the green by removing the rocks and roots in the area and possibly adding topsoil then sodding next week.

#13 Bunker Surrounds

The sod will be stripped on Monday and sodded next week with Turf Type Tall Fescue.So far this turfgrass type has proven to do well here at Fieldstone versus the Kentucky Bluegrass/Ryegrass that was used previously. If needed we can add drip irrigation to the steep slopes on the surrounds at a later time.

The walk on/off area from the cart path to the green will be addressed at a later time.

#8 Green Surrounds

The front left and left side green surrounds will have specialty irrigation added (similar to what was used behind #6 green), soil prepped and sodded within the next two weeks (weather dependent).

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