Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekly Schedule for October 3-9, 2016

Weather and unforeseen conditions can/will change the schedule.

-Moving irrigation heads at #6 and #13 greens
-Sodding greens surrounds at #6 and #13 to Turf Type Tall Fescue


  1. I trust that you will able to re-establish the height of the first cut of rough to normal levels again. Also, any possibility of taking a small swath of the Tall Fescue sod and replace the poor patch of rough to the back left of the 4th green where shots easily connect just off the fringe.

    1. Mr. Wozniak,

      Many thanks for reading the blog and your comments. Yes, we can re-establish the intermediate cut around fairways and greens once we have established turf. As food for thought, take a look at this article from the USGA:

      While I am not advocating the removal of the intermediate cut here at Fieldstone it is interesting to know we spend 250 man hours each year and have a dedicated mower just for this cut.

      #4 green surrounds is on our hit list to sod.