Thursday, April 14, 2016

#18 Bunker Progress

Drainage, gravel and the Better Billy Bunker polymer was installed on #18 fairway bunker today.

The drainage ditches were already cut so gravel and pipe were easy to install.

Then a 2 inch layer of gravel was spread across the entire bunker floor.

While this work was occurring the polymer from Better Billy Bunker was being heated in a hot box in our mechanic's shop.

After 5 hours the material was hot enough to be applied. Gary from Certified Better Billy Bunker installer Total Turf was on hand to do the work.

Due to the 10 year warranty on this material Gary spends a lot of time making sure the moisture percent of the gravel is less than 15%. A bridging report must be submitted beforehand showing the bunker sand and gravel meet specifications. Then tomorrow Gary will be back for quality control to make sure everything came out fine.

As for today, it is very imperative to stay out of the bunker, even if the ball rolls in. This allows the polymer to set up.

With opening day this Saturday we may not get the sand in tomorrow but it will occur within the week. Then sodding around the bunker will be done once our regular staff is on-site.

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  1. Damon. Congratulations on becoming the first golf club in the world to install Better Billy Bunker with Durabunker. It looks awesome!! Cant wait to see it turfed!!