Friday, April 22, 2016

New Cart Traffic Control, Greens Moisture and Staff Update

We received today a bungee type material for cart traffic control.

The difference with this material versus the green rope we have used in the past is twofold. The first is the yellow color which will hopefully allow people to see and avoid areas that are roped off. Secondly, they can be stepped on and will spring right back to where they were. Thus reducing the labor we spend to fix downed stakes and rope.

Heard several comments today about greens being too dry. We've certainly had dry weather with low humidity, few clouds and breeze. There are some localized dry spots which we are attending too and will come out of dormancy as the warmer Spring weather arrives.

Finally, our staff are on their way! Having left Monterrey, Mexico last night. As of 4:30 pm today (Friday) they are travelling through Alabama.

They will certainly be here Monday morning bright and early to work, if not sooner.

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