Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Course Condition Update for Wednesday Morning April 27, 2016

The stack sod fairway bunker on #18 is complete. We have marked the new sod around this bunker as ground under repair but the bunker itself is fine to play out of should your ball land in the sand.

We have wrapped the sod over the top portion of the bunker to allow for rooting of the sod where the Durabunker material and surrounding grade meet. Am estimating after 2-4 weeks it will be rooted sufficiently for us to cut the sod back to a nice even edge along the top portion of the bunker.

Starting with the greenside bunkers we are doing the following to each bunker:

1. Edging
2. Removing grasses/weeds inside the bunkers
3. Noting where sand is needed and moving sand within the bunker (6 inches on the bottoms and 2 inches on the slopes)
4. Compacting the slopes

We compact the slopes to prevent plugged lies. As you can tell from the pictures it takes four staff members to handle the water filled drum used for this purpose.

Expect the bunker work to occur over the next several weeks for all to be completed.

Have been laying sod in approaches on holes #1, #2, #4, #8 and #17.

Overall am very pleased with the amount of work the staff has accomplished over just the past 3 days.

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