Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring 2016 Greens Aerification Wrap-up

Due to freezing temperatures we got a late start to finishing up aerifying and topdressing greens yesterday (Tuesday). Everything was completed except for the topdressing of #8 green which is being done now. This morning we are blowing portions of the greens where sand has accumulated heavier then we would like during the brushing process. Then a soil amendment will be applied to finish the process. Expected rain on Thursday should wash the sand and soil amendments in leaving a relatively clean surface. Depending on the the amount of rain tomorrow we will mow/blow/roll Friday and or Saturday. Afterwards warm temps are needed to get the plants growing.

We will be finishing the mulching of walk paths and picking up debris on the golf course along with re-installing pavers in front of the outside fireplace next to the dining room. On Friday we are hoping to install new drainage on #18 fairway bunker.

Finally, in regards to our seasonal associates. We expect to either get final approval or a request for additional information by the end of this week. Once approved, staff will arrive within 1-2 weeks. Will certainly keep updates coming as more information is gained.

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