Saturday, April 9, 2016

Seasonal Staff and Upcoming Schedule

Our seasonal staff will be here Monday, April 25th. This is 25 days past their normal start date of April 1st. The temporary staff we have been using has done a solid job for us as we are just finishing raking and adding sand to the last two bunkers on the course. Once completed all bunkers will have been completely raked. Next month a nice edge on all the bunkers will be cut in as well.

Next week drainage, Better Billy Bunker, and sand will be installed on #18 fairway bunker. The finishing sod work will be completed upon the arrival of our experienced staff the week of April 25th.

Before opening day, April 16th, fairways, approaches, tees, collars and intermediates are to be cut for the first time this year. Finally, next week, branches and other debris will continue to be picked up and removed from the course.

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